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Find Your Friends at Hidden Hills: The More, the Merrier!


What’s the best part of “the College Experience?” Having fun with your friends!


Hidden Hills offers the best place for students at Western Michigan University, K College, or KVCC to meet others in similar age and interest groups. With a central location which makes it easy to be social, and spacious, roommate-friendly floorplans (with most bedrooms having private bathrooms!) Hidden Hills is the ultimate location for friends to become family. Whether you have a roommate, or if you’re still looking to find your “squad,” Hidden Hills has three- and four-bedroom living spaces that are perfect for groups, and offers a competitive Roommate Match program to help you find the perfect roommates.


Meet Lindsey and Lauren (pictured above). Lindsey and Lauren met in Elementary School in their hometown of Rockford, Michigan, but had lost touch after high school graduation. Flash forward to 2015, when Lauren and Lindsey were both college sophomores, and recognized each other as neighbors at Hidden Hills! Both girls had moved to the property with other groups of friends, but after reconnecting at Hidden Hills, the pair decided to spend another year here as roommates in 2016 while continuing their college educations. We’re a family that keeps on growing!


Are you ready to be a part of the squad at Hidden Hills? Whether you have a friend (or a few friends!) that you’d like to live with, or you’re interested in meeting new people, the Hidden Hills Roommate Match program is perfect for you! We match groups of up to three and four, using our customized Resident Profile form, with a goal of finding the best roommates possible for an individual or group.  Contact us today to see what roommate options we have for you!


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